What is an Android Root? Here are the Advantages and Risks.


Android is the operating system Open Source. So from that android easy customized and developed by its users. One of the ease of android customization is the Android root capability that gives unlimited access to its users. For you Android users must be familiar with this root term. Then, what is root access?

What is android root?
What is android root?

Sebelum kita lanjut, banyak sekali artikel yang mengatakan jika kita me-rooting ponsel android kita, maka garansi pada ponsel akan hilang. Namun, ada produsen smartphone yang menerima garansi walaupun device telah di root, yaitu Xiaomi. Jadi, untuk para pengguna Xiaomi tidak usah khawatir untuk me-rooting ponselnya, karena selama masa garansi masih berlaku, pihak produsen akan menerima itu.

Root Android

Root Android or sometimes also called rooting Android is the process of modifying the Android operating system so that users have access and full control of the Android system.

If our phone is already in the root, we get a "superuser" which the administrator account makes the user can customize the system that can not be done by ordinary users.

The advantages and risks of Android rooting

Rooting Android is very useful for those who have Android with limited features, especially for those who have the ability to tweaking the Android system, so it can add many other features.

Therefore many developers who make custom ROM. There are so many custom ROMs that make our smartphone look so much wah, or kernel that has been modified to make the performance of the phone becomes more leverage.

However, do not ever change or modify the Android system if it does not have a basis, because it could be at risk of causing the phone to malfunction or even suspended animation. Well, here are the advantages and risks of rooting activity.

Android rooting advantage

  1. Right to get a "superuser" which can give us full access to the Android system and can customize or modify like a real developer.
  2. Users can do Overclock because it can be full control of the CPU and Kernel so that it can make the phone performance more leverage.
  3. We can remove the default application from the manufacturer that can not be done by a normal user. We can also add apps that are not included by Android developers.
  4. Full application control. Which includes when you want to backup applications and systems, restore the system or if you want to do factory reset.
  5. Users can change the view through a custom installation ROM, or for users who have the ability to develop Android can create its own android version.

Android rooting risk

  1. Misuse of root access can cause problems on Android phones, such as malfunctions, failed boot, error or anything else.
  2. Excessive tweaking can lead to decreased performance of Android.
  3. Can eliminate product warranty on Android device (as in Samsung and Sony vendors).

The advantages and risks after the root process is the full responsibility of the user, the producer has absolutely no liability whatsoever to this activity. It's good before starting the android root we think first the risk, especially on the issue of loss of warranty due to the rooting process. Choose wisely J

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