10 Aplikasi WhatsApp MOD Terbaik Android 2019


Ponselgue.com | Best Whatsapp MOD APK Android Download Link - Whatsapp is the most popular cross platform service currently for instant messaging and voice and video calls. But because of the consideration of the developers, making Whatsapp apply various policies, especially in terms of features.

That is why not a few people prefer to use Whatsapp Mod (unofficial) which offers additional features to communicate with family, friends, and colleagues. However, as we know, unofficial or modded applications are not available on the Play Store because they were created by developers by modifying the original version.

Best Whatsapp MOD APK Android Download Link

If you are one of the Whatsapp users who want to enjoy interesting additional features, or who want an increase in features, it doesn't hurt you to check out some of the Whatsapp Mod APKs available for Android.

Well, this time I will list the 10 Whatsapp Mod APK application that you can download for your Android device. See full details below.

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What is WhatsApp Mod APK?

Broadly speaking, the Whatsapp Mod application is a modified version of third-party developers based on the official Whatsapp application.

Unlike other Mod applications that can harm your device or privacy, Whatsapp Mod apk offers a variety of interesting additional features. Such as feature to change the theme, hide chat, lock apps, increase default features and many others.

Currently, there are quite a number of Whatsapp Mods currently available on the internet. Which is the most appropriate for you? Check out the best list of 10 Whatsapp Mod apk for Android to find the answer.

Top 10 WhatsApp Mod APK Android Terbaik

For those of you who are interested in using Whatsapp Mod, it doesn't hurt you to read the reviews we made below. We also provide complete along with the Whatsapp Mod Apk download link below.

1. GBWhatsapp APK

download the latest version of GBWhatsapp

The GBWhatsapp application is our first recommendation. GBWhatsApp allows you to run two Whatsapp accounts on one device, perfect for those of you who want to separate personal and work matters.

You can still use all the official Whatsapp features and many additional exclusive features. Unlike most mod applications, this application can be installed on Adroid devices that have not been rooted. In addition, you can also install this application without having to delete the official Whatsapp application so that it can be used simultaneously.

One feature that gets enough attention is privacy related. You can hide your online status and the last visible message from certain contacts, and some other privacy features.

Not only that, GBWhatsapp also allows you to change themes manually or directly download themes provided by the developer. Of course this can be a serious consideration so you don't get bored with the monotonous application appearance.

For those of you who are interested in using GBWhatsapp, here are some of the best features:

  • Automatic reply feature, but users can set any group or contact to receive the automatic reply feature.
  • DND (Do Not Disturb) mode is available to disable internet connection on GB WhatsApp
  • Privacy feature, to hide the last one you see, check the blue, check the second, even the status of "typing messages" and more.
  • Able to copy WhatsApp contact status messages to the clipboard.
  • Can be used to create multiple accounts in one device.
  • Supports more than 100 + languages ​​so you can use GBWhatsapp in your favorite language.
  • The ability to lock applications and conversations without the help of third party applications.
  • Application icons and notification icons can be completely changed as you wish.
  • Can write Whatsapp up to 255 characters from previous 139 characters only.
  • Mod to stay on-line during 24 hours.
  • Send videos up to 50 MB in size.
  • Able to send up to 100 Documents at once.
  • Able to send 90 images at once. The official version only supports 10 images
  • Unique and funny new emojis are added with every update.
  • Can set the Group name to 35 characters.
  • Features are available to hide chats and save status / stories.


2. Whatsapp Plus

Download WhatsApp Plus Versi Terbaru

Whatsapp Plus comes with more features from official Whatsapp. This allows you to do many things with this unofficial WhatsApp mod application.

Just info, WhatsApp Plus is the first Whatsapp mod that comes on the market and is a third-party application that runs on Whatsapp licenses.

However, some people think skeptics feel this application will be on banned, but until now many actually use WhatsApp Plus without any problems.

Then, what are the main features of Whatsapp Plus? Can Whatsapp Mod be reliable enough to replace the official Whatsapp on your smartphone?

What's interesting is that you can hide the status of your display when you see the status of others. With this feature, your Whatsapp contacts will not know that you have seen their status. In addition, you can also secure your conversations on Whatsapp by locking your chat. So you don't need to worry if there are friends who borrow your smartphone.

WhatsApp Plus is one of the WhatsApp Mod apk which is quite popular and has many users today. Here are some interesting features offered:

  • Apply a password in each chat and on the application.
  • Can adjust the appearance of the application using a theme or manually set.
  • Whatsapp Plus supports many emoticons or emojis
  • Able to hidelast seen"Status so you can read other messages without them knowing you have read their message.
  • It can hide your status from certain contacts so you don't have to hide your Whatsapp status from everyone.
  • Can send video and audio with a larger size.
  • Allows you to send multiple files and even large files at one time.


3. YoWhatsapp

YoWhatsapp can be an alternative besides GBWhatsapp because both have almost the same features. But the adjustment of the YoWhatsapp feature is easier so it's easier to use. You can use YoWhatsapp simultaneously with the official version or other Whatsapp mods.

For those of you who like privacy, you can lock chat or Whatsapp without the help of third party applications. You will then be asked to enter a password to open the specific chat you want.

In addition, you can also hide the status "Last seen", status online, centang biru, centang dua, dan banyak lagi. Berikut beberapa fitur andalan YoWhatsapp :

  • Hide media files: YoWhatsApp has a feature that allows you to hide media files that you receive on device storage.
  • If you don't like the new style emojis now available on WhatsApp, you can choose to use old-style emojis.
  • A search feature is available in the group to find the admin or certain group members.
  • Supports emojis from Android Oreo
  • You can choose many themes to change the appearance of the application.
  • Can send video files with a maximum size of up to 700MB.
  • You will be confirmed every time you make a WhatsApp call (preventing accidental WhatsApp calls).


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4. FM Whatsapp (Fouad Whatsapp)

You can consider using Whatsapp because of its compatibility to send Video files up to 1GB size. Includes all features in other Whatsapp Mod applications such as tire proof, hiding "last seen", changing themes and so on. But what is quite important is the relatively smaller size when compared to other versions.

You can see the Whatsapp FM feature in the following list:

  • Add the WhatsApp + widget (to hide / show your Online status)
  • Additional 50 is more a new theme on Theme Server
  • You can see a preview of the contact image in the chat header by tapping it
  • Based on the latest version of Whatsapp (2.12.361) in the Play Store
  • Feature to mark important messages (stars) to read later
  • Delete messages within a certain period (more than one month / month 6)
  • Can preview the link on the chat screen
  • Can have a conversation without needing to save the number first
  • Can unblock the Telegram link in chat. FYI, WhatsApp Inc. has blocked the Telegram link in the conversation (cannot be clicked), now, the link can be clicked.
  • Additional translation languages ​​(Spanish, Portuguese & Italian).
  • And many others.


5. MA Whatsapp

You could say the Whatsapp MA is one of the best Whatsapp Mod apk because of the features and appearance that are quite clean.

You will find an option that can place the plus icon into the top menu and activate GIF search. You can also see a preview of the clip before downloading it. What's interesting is the ability to be able to display the old UI and you won't find ad units in this Mod.

This application is a full featured feature mod, here are some features:

  • Based on the 2.17.146 Whatsapp version
  • Ban Proof
  • Supports voice and video calls
  • Hiding "Last seen"
  • Additional various privacy features
  • The ability to change themes manually
  • Theme Server, to download and apply themes in the application
  • Can change the check mark and chat bubbles, there is a 17 model checkmark and 13 chat bubbles to choose from
  • Can see group statistics
  • Preview media without loading
  • Can display online / last seen on the main screen
  • Mampu mengirim video dengan ukuran 30MB (Whatsapp resmi hanya 16MB)
  • Mampu mengirim 90 gambar sekaligus, (Whatsapp resmi hanya 10 gambar)
  • Can create status with 250 characters instead of 139 characters
  • You can tap the link on the chat screen without saving the sender's number or group admin number
  • Can open links on friend status
  • Can distinguish between normal messages and Broadcast messages
  • Can hide names and dates when copying more than one message
  • Can copy friend status to clipboard
  • Can change application icons and notifications


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6.Whatsapp Prime

Well, the other Whatsapp mod apk application that entered this list is Whatsapp prime. There are some interesting features of this mod, one of which is capable of sending images without sacrificing the quality and size of the image.

For that, please see the following Whatsapp Prime features:

  • Media caption is increased to 4000 characters.
  • Media sharing is enhanced such as sending images to 300 files (official Whatsapp is only 10 images).
  • The image quality of delivery is improved to 100%, not 80%.
  • Can send videos up to 70 MB size, not 16 MB.
  • Deactivate the download of the APK in the background.
  • Emoji Material. Emoji that is recorded in the Facebook messenger application.
  • Appearance of Teal Material nuances.
  • Delete accidental calls when checking profiles.
  • Disables the reply option in the application.
  • Can do full backup the same application as Titanium Backup.
  • Disable copy dates and options when copying text.
  • Can zoom profile photos.
  • Can click the Telegram link
  • Can copy the status of your WhatsApp friends by just tapping it.
  • Relatively light size up to 15 MB.


7. Whatsapp Indigo

WhatsApp Indigo can be a pretty good alternative if you experience problems with one of your favorite Whatsapp mods at this time.

Anda bisa memodifikasi gaya bubbles chat (gelembung obrolan) dengan warna biru, abu-abu, krayon, Nay, dan 3D. Selain itu, Anda bisa menyembunyikan tanda centang biru, mengunci chat dengan pola, dan mencoba beberapa fitur keren lainnya.

WhatsApp Indigo is arguably one of the most popular WhatsApp Mod apk. You can see the list below to find out the features offered by WhatsApp Indigo:

  • Hide names and dates so they don't appear.
  • Hide call buttons for WhatsApp contacts.
  • Can choose text from status and message easily.
  • Hide archived chat.
  • Can clean recent emojis (emojis that were recently used).
  • Can make chat shortcuts.
  • Can send HD quality images.
  • Can send media files with a maximum file size of 72MB.
  • Hide notifications "typing / recording" for others.
  • 24 online mode hours.
  • Hide a checkmark two and also a blue check mark.


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8. HMWhatsapp

HMWhatsApp is a WhatsApp Mod apk that is fairly new but has many features that are easy to use. Here are some useful features:

  • Able to translate messages received into different languages.
  • Statistical counter for messages sent in groups.
  • Can send video files up to 50MB at once.
  • Can send 90 images at once.
  • Can write statuses up to 250 characters.
  • Can distinguish private message and broadcast messages.
  • Can download your contact status and stories.
  • Change the launch icon and application notification icon.


9. WhatsAppMD

The next mod in this list is WhatsApp MD. This application allows you to send images without losing quality up to 50 MB. You can also send various other files (such as Apk, Zip, Rar XML, Pdf, etc.).

Like other mods, you can also save your friends' status and stories and some other features like the following:

  • Can adjust the appearance of the application.
  • Change the checkmark style and adjust the chat bubble style.
  • Floating action bar.
  • Privacy settings
  • Custom themes.
  • Can hide profile pictures and toolbars.


10. Whatsapp Gold Edition

Whatsapp Gold Edition is another WhatsApp mod that you can download on your Android device. There are anonymous encryption features that are useful for securing your online privacy. You can still use the built-in Whatsapp feature

For no, I highly recommend WhatsApp Gold Edition because it has a variety of features that are widely requested by WhatsApp users. Includes the following features:

  • Preview image and video files before downloading.
  • Deactivate voice, video and audio call options.
  • Can send unlimited photos and videos
  • Able to send HD quality photos.
  • Various additional emojis besides the default WhatsApp default
  • Can set special themes and fonts.
  • Can send video files with a maximum size up to 5GB.


Whatsapp Mod Other Best Apk (Bonus):

11. Whatsapp B58

WhatsApp B58 also offers various features such as other Whatsapp Mod applications. You can send media files with a large number of limits increased in this application. Besides being ad-free, this Mod also has a fresh look, complete with message counters, can save status and stories, receive notifications when your friends change profile photos, and other features.

Even though WhatsApp B58 is less popular but quite reliable. You can see some of the Whatsapp B58 features below:

  • There are special categories for private messages, groups and broadcasts.
  • Hide archived chat.
  • Can choose text from status and text messages.
  • Hide the call button to prevent accidental WhatsApp calls.
  • Can zoom in contact profile pictures.
  • Hide date and time when copying text messages.
  • Mode is always online 24 hours.


12. WAPWhatsapp

The last recommendation from us is WAPWhatsApp. The following is a list of features that you can get:

  • Hide archived chats.
  • Counter for group messages.
  • Can send full resolution or compressed images.
  • Send files in any format
  • Mendukung full backup application, same as Titanium Backup.
  • Hide date and time when copying messages from chat.


Which Whatsapp MOD application should I choose?

If you read this article to the end, you should have chosen the answer. Many Whatsapp users are indeed likely to download Whatsapp mod apk because it offers more privacy features, improved standard features, and also many other features.

In addition to reviews, we also provide the best 12 download link Whatsapp Mod Apk for Android devices. Almost all mod Whatsapp applications in the list above offer features that are requested by WhatsApp users.

If the Whatsapp Mod that you are using does not work properly on your device, you can choose other mod variants as listed. You can also tell us if there is one download link the broken one so we can fix it immediately.

If you feel helped by this article, please take a moment to share and post this page on a social media account to help others too.

So which is your favorite Whatsapp Mod apk?

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