How to Resolve Xiaomi Notification Not Enter If Application Not Opened

14.973 | How to Resolve Xiaomi Notification Not Enter If Application Not Opened - As we know, Xiaomi is famous for its MIUI ROM which has a very attractive and feature rich look. But it turns out many new users who are still confused Xiaomi why notifications / new messages entered after the application is opened.

Xiaomi users who have long used MIUI ROM, of course know why this can happen. But for beginners or new users, will certainly experience a little confusion. Well, for that please refer to the following reviews.

What is the cause?

If you are experiencing a new notification problem when the device is in standby mode by default the background of the application is turned off by MIUI security. So when you lock apps running in the background, all incoming messages and app notifications will come in after the app opens, for example on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Line and other similar apps.

Well, most social media applications are asking for stay connect should standby. If the application is not standby, then the application is not running in the background process. This is why the notification is late / not logged in.How to Resolve Xiaomi Notification Not Logged In

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How to Resolve Xiaomi Notification Not Enter If Application Not Opened

1. Through the Recent app (Process Key)

The first way to deal with this is very easy. You just need to lock the app so that the security system does not shut down the application process.

How to?

Please open the latest app (recent app) by pressing the show button, it will show the running application process and RAM used. Well, to protect the application, drag the application down until the lock icon appears.

lock recent task

2. Through Security (Automatic Start)

The next way is the best way you can do it. Even if the app is unlocked like the first way, the app will restart even if the device is restarted. Follow the steps below.

1. First, go to the MIUI Security app on your device

2. Next tap on the Permissions menu.

3. After that go to Start Auto menu.

start automatically

4. Later will be shown the applications installed on your device.

5. Select the app you want to lock the process by tapping toogle.MIUI Security Center6. Done, now the app notifications will go right in though the app is not open.

For MIUI 8 & 9 users

For Xiaomi device users who use MIUI 8 / 9, if you have both methods above but notification is still late to enter, you must give access at Battery Saver to allow the app to keep running in the background process. Check out the steps below:

1. First, open the Security app (Security) then select Battery

2. Then select Battery app saver

3. Then tap the app you want and then set the battery background to the option No restrictions

4. Later will appear 2 background location options below, select Allow.

5. Done

Limit battery saver

NOTE: If you have applied all the above methods but still notifications or messages do not enter if the application is not opened, there may still be 'bugs' in the ROM used. Wait for the next update or please change your ROM, for example from Developer to Stable.

Well, that's how to solve Xiaomi notification is not entered if the application is not opened. Actually this is one of the policies of Xiaomi for the RAM on your device not to overwhelm. Of course this will be useful if the activity you do on the device is high enough (multitasking) so it is not lag and slow.

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