What is Custom Android ROM and What are the Advantages?


Ponselgue.com | What is Android Custom ROM? - If you are an Android smartphone user, of course you are familiar with the term Custom ROM, which is an Android operating system that has been modified by adding several other utilities to facilitate users.

What is Custom ROM?

ROM stands for Read Only Memory.

Android is an operating system that is open source, this means anyone can edit the code, tweak, change the look, add features, and so forth.

Well, based on the nature of Android is open source, the term appears Custom ROM. Custom ROM is a firmware alternative to replace firmware official Android developed by developers outside the official developers of smartphone vendors.

Custom ROM usually has some additional features that are not in the built-in smartphone ROM. The developers usually develop Custom ROM from the built-in ROM or AOSP (Anadroid Open Source Project).

Well, here are some Custom ROM that you can try, here are some of the most popular ones:

  • LineageOS
  • Dirty Unicorn
  • Copperhead OS
  • AOKP (Android Open Kang Project)
  • Resurrection Remix OS
  • PAC-man ROM
  • Paranoid Android
  • And many more.

apa itu Custom ROM dan apa keuntungannya?

Why use a Custom ROM?

Almost most Android users do not want to use Custom ROM for various reasons, such as being satisfied with the vendor's original ROM, fearing complicated or even making bootloop phones. In fact, by using Custom ROM, there are many advantages and utilities that users can get so that the performance of the device becomes more leverage.

Well, here are some of the advantages you get if installing Custom ROM on your Android device:

1. Maximum Performance

Vendor smartphones usually have set the performance of the device is not too high so it can be used for the long term. But there are some Android users want to get maximum performance from the device they have.

For that, by installing Custom ROM, smartphone performance will increase and exceed the limits set by the vendor. The term for up-and-down CPU performance on Android smartphones is called Overclock.

2. The battery is more durable

In addition to overclocking, users can also decrease device performance in terms of reducing system load. This is certainly very suitable for users who do not require performance that is too high.

Of course underclocking this is able to make smartphone battery performance becomes more longer.

3. Fresher interfaces

Each Custom ROM has a different look. So, using Custom ROM can be the main attraction so that the display of your smartphone is different from other users. This certainly makes you more cool.

In fact, now has many Custom ROM that comes with the default theme engine. So you can change the theme whenever you want.

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Well, that was just a quick review of what a Custom ROM is and what advantages it is for those using it. If you are interested in using it, your Android smartphone must be rooted first. For Android rooting tutorial, you can visit this page.

Good luck, hopefully useful.

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