Need money? Share Your Videos on Vigo Video / Hypstar

3.647 | Cara Mendapatkan Uang Dari Vigo Video / Hypstar - Lately this short video platform is rising in popularity, it is not separated from the various interesting things on offer. For example, Tik Tok is booming among mobile device users thanks to the music video editor that became its flagship.

This time there is a similar platform but will pay for your creativity in exchange for real money. This platform is Vigo Video which was formerly known as Hypstar. By using the apps of this platform, in addition to gaining popularity and fans, you can also earn additional revenue.

Then, what is it Vigo Video?

Hypstar is a short video-based social networking service, users can create and share videos in one platform. Hypstar itself is not a new application, because it had previously been released in mid-year agoNUMX.

With this application, users can create videos duration 10 to 15 seconds which can be added various effects, music, and stickers are of course very interesting.

Just like other similar platforms, Vigo Video also provides a dedicated channel to share creativity with other users.

Vigo Video / Hypstar itself is already available for multiplatform, such as Android and iOS. Users can download it through the official application store of each platform.

Until now, Hypstar is still the only video sharing platform app that offers direct money rewards thanks to the flame features of the videos that are shared on its services is very interesting.

how to earn money from Vigo Video / Hypstar
Hypstar / Vigo Video Service

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How to Get Money From Vigo Video / Hypstar

Some time ago, Hypstar developers introduced a new feature called with Flames.

These flames are the digital currency in the video-based services. These digital currencies can be redeemed for real money, including redeemed into currency Rupiah. Collect lots of flames, then redeem through PayPal or similar services.

Well, to get a lot of flame, Hypstar users only need to meng-upload video creativity through the service. If many like the shared video, then the user is entitled to a flame free of charge.

Flame itself is one of the innovations Vigo Video (Hypstar) to attract users to use the service as well as trigger the creativity of social media users. Hypstar itself actually already has many users, even some of them come from the celebrity.

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