Converting the Internet Data Unit, From Kilobytes to Yottabyte

3.130 | Bisa dibilang, Internet is now one of the basic needs for some people in doing everything. By using the internet, everyday activities of the users would be greatly helped.

If talking about the internet network, this can not be separated from the quota and also the speed of access.

As more and more people are starting to access the internet in their lives, it has created a new culture in society. Cultures that were previously done offline, are now beginning to shift to online. For example, people can now shop without having to meet physically with the seller, but done via the internet. By using the internet, enabling this to happen.

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Unfortunately, this shift is sometimes not balanced with the knowledge possessed by the public, especially the fundamental things related to the internet. For example, conversion unit data quota internet owned.

For example, usually internet service providers offer internet connectivity in the form of quota packages with GB units, but the details are using MB. Not a few people who are confused how to read the quota details it has.

Just like internet speed, internet quota also uses bit and byte units (Indonesia: bytes). This unit is a common unit used to measure data in computing.

Bit (usually written with a small b) is short for binary digits (binary digits) which is the smallest unit of computational data. While Bita (written in large B) is a larger unit, because it is a collection of eight bits.

Bit or Byta have levels with different conversions with the use of levels in the mathematical sciences. If in a unit math conversion of 1 Kg equal to 1000 gram, then for a computer unit showing 1 KB is equal to 1024 B.

This is because units in computational data systems use binary numbers. In it has a multiple of 2 rank of nx 10. For example, 1 KB will be equal to 2 rank 1 x 10 B, and if the result count is 1024 B.

Well, here's a complete table unit data conversion on computing systems:

1 YB (Yottabyte)1024 ZB
1 ZB (Zettabyte)1024 EB
1 EB (Eksabyte)1024 PB
1 PB (Petabyte)1024 TB
1 TB (Terabyte)1024 GB
1 GB (Gigabyte)1024 MB
1 MB (Megabyte)1024 KB
1 KB (Kilobytes)1024 B

Well, so a brief review of the conversion of data units used in computing systems. The above data units are also used for storage units, internet quotas, internet access speeds, and others.

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