Interesting Things About MIUI 10 Global Version

1.880 | Interesting Things About MIUI 10 Global Version - Xiaomi officially announced MIUI 10 Global version after a few days earlier released Chinese version. In general, MIUI 10 offers some interface reshuffling and performance improvements for many types smartphone Xiaomi.

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Attendance MIUI 10 Global version of course be good news especially for the MiFans who are outside China. Through its MIUI 10, Xiaomi itself wants to remain relevant to loyal users with OS features and utilities that are not inferior to pure Android or other OEM versions.

Well, here are some interesting things about MIUI 10 Global version.

Interesting Things About MIUI 10 Global Version

1. Performance - Increased speed from previous versions

As one of the Android OS modifications are very qualified, in fact MIUI is often regarded as a slow OS. This is not because the interface modifications are too heavy for some of the lines smartphone Xiaomi in the middle - lower class.

At MIUI 10, Xiaomi presents a complete overhaul of the previous MIUI version. Some of the upgraded lines in MIUI 10 include application management, launch speed, recovery from modes deep sleep, to cleaning junk files (junk, cache) automatically.

2. Design - Various visual overhauls for maximum optimization

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Adapting iPhone, Xiaomi implemented gesture based navigation on its MIUI 10. In this latest MIUI version, there are 3 gesture points that can be used to navigate from application to application, among others are: Swipe from the bottom up to enter the homescreen, swipe from left to go back to previous screen, as well as swipe from bottom to top and hold for a moment to open the screen recent apps.

In addition, the design of recent apps in MIUI 10 also completely overhauled. Xiaomi uses a vertical layout with 2 columns displaying various applications that are currently open on background. The 2 design of this column is expected to improve productivity by reducing the transfer time from one app to another.

3. Row Preset new sounds that are inspired from nature

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For the Sound section, MIUi 10 will get a row preset new. Starting from ringtone, notifications, until the alarm, MIUI 10 introduces the concept Nature Sound which will play a sound that is inspired from nature when you do certain activities on device Xiaomi.

In addition, Xiaomi also presents the feature Ambient Noise in MIUI 10 that you can use as an audio-based relaxation medium. Ambient Noise contains preset sounds of beach, forest, and raindrop sounds designed from the waves whitenoise to provide a relaxed effect to its users.

4. AI Portrait - Photo bokeh though with one camera sensor

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Xiaomi also pinned artificial intelligence technology (AI) to the camera in MIUI 10. AI Portrait on MIUI 10 is built from an algorithm based on an analysis of as many as 100 thousand photos. With this technology, allows users to take photos with a background bokeh, mekipun with one camera sensor.

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5. Trailer MIUI 10 Global version

Check out the trailer video of the exciting features of MIUI 10 Global version.

Well, if you want to try MIUI 10, make sure you use smartphone The latest Xiaomi or be patient waiting for updates on the line smartphone Your Xiaomi.

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