List of Cheap Telkomsel Internet Package Code

1.622.329 | List of Cheap Telkomsel Internet Package Code – Memilik jaringan terluas yang tersebar ke hampir seluruh wilayah Indonesia, Telkomsel memberikan pelanggannya jaminan layanan seluler yang dapat di andalkan. Koneksi yang ditawarkan Telkomsel pun bisa dibilang stabil, mulai dari 3G dan 4G serta jaringan lainnya, dapat diakses dimana pun dan kapan pun.

Well, along with the times, where the need for internet is a staple for most people. PIndonesia's largest internet rovider also provides lsuper fast Internet.

cheap telkomsel internet package code

But unfortunately, for some people the price of internet packages offered in Telkomsel expensive taste. This may be the impact of costs incurred to expand the network as well as maintenance costs.

However, did you know that Telkomsel proved to be a cheap internet package promo?

Telkomsel did not publicly announce the promo. Sometimes only for certain customers who are already old users, or who have already spent certain internet quota. In addition, Telkomsel also usually membundling internet package with a new starter card.

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If on Tuesday 1 May 2018 Telkomsel's prepaid number (Simpati, Kartu As and Loop) has not been registered yet, the total blocking will apply. Read how to register for Telkomsel prepaid on this page.

For those of you who are actively looking for cheap Telkomsel internet package tricks, Telkomsel sometimes also experience system problems (bugs) causing errors at the time of purchase of the package. An example is when the TAU Extreme package costs 200rb to Rp. 0, -.

paket tau 0

Such times are usually awaited by Telkomsel internet users (including me). However, you can also take advantage of certain USSD Dial codes and get internet promos so get a cheaper internet package price.

Well, for those of you who are looking for the code Telkomsel internet package, please refer to the code below.

NOTE !! : Some codes can only be used for certain numbers only, please search that can be used for your number.

Cheap Telkomsel Internet Telkomsel

Bagi pengguna kartu Telkomsel yang mempunyai banyak pulsa namun masa aktif kartu mepet, ada trik untuk memperpanjang masa aktif kartu Telkomsel yang Anda gunakan, baca “How to Extend Telkomsel's Active Period (simPATI, US Card)". In addition, you can also transfer your credit as a gift to other prepaid Telkomsel users, read "3 How to Transfer Latest Telkomsel Toll"

Well, To register the internet package, usually users access on * 363 # or at * 123 #. To get a special promo, you can try some code of Telkomsel internet package below.

Telkomsel Simpati Sympathetic User's Telkomsel Telephone Code Package
  • * 363 * 9 # with quota starting from 12 GB price of Rp. 70ribu
  • * 363 * 2 # quota starting 5 GB price of Rp. 20ribu
Telkomsel Kartu Telkomsel Simpati Card Code or Kartu As biasa

Please try the following code, quota 2 GB starting price from Rp. 25rb.

  • * 550 * 790 #
  • * 550 * 890 #
  • * 550 * 912 #
  • * 550 * 910 #
  • * 550 * 300 #
Code of cheap internet package Telkomsel Simpati Loop Card
  • Type * * 567 1 1 * # to earn a quota of 2 GB at a price of Rp. 20rb
  • Type *567*3*1*1*2*1# Type get a quota of 6 GB at a price of Rp. 30rb

Well, for you who rarely sleep at night, can List of cheap Simpati Loop internet packages. Not bad !!

Code of cheap internet package Telkomsel Kartu As
  • Type *100*3*2*3*1*1# for Quota 500MB at a price of Rp. 4rb
  • Type *100*3*2*3*1*2# Type Quota 1GB at a price of Rp. 6rb
  • Type *100*3*2*3*1*3# for Quota 2GB at a price of Rp. 9rb
If you're lucky, you can enable TAU Internet quota packages 5GB worth it 30RB, dial on * 363 * 44 #
Suitable Internet Package Create GAMERS
You can activate the package MAX Games, Price Rp. 25Rb can quota 3GB. Dial on * 363 * 678 #
Get internet quota 8GB by activating the package TAU 3G in * 383 * 17 # starting from 49Ribu.
NOTE !! : Promo Code above can be changed at any time without any prior notice from Telkomsel.

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Well, That's a list of some of the latest cheap Telkomsel internet package packages. What needs to be underlined is not all code can work for your number, depending on the type of card, etc. area.

For those of you whose Videomax quota is often wasted, you can turn it into a flash quota and can be used to access the internet. Read how in "How to Change Videomax Quota into Flash Quota (Regular)"

If you have other codes, please share with the reader others by writing it in the comment field we provide below. Good luck, good luck.

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