Telkomsel Call Package All Operators 2500 / 40 Minutes

243.280 | Telkomsel Nelpon Package All Operators - Have you ever experienced while engrossed in a chat over the phone, suddenly the connection is disconnected because the pulse runs out? Or when the pulse sold out because of a call to another mobile carrier? It must be very annoying.

In today's sophisticated era, to make calls we can take advantage of the application. Well, for smartphone users (Android, iPhone or Blackberry), we can make calls through messaging applications like Whatsapp, Line, BBM etc. Indeed, in terms of quality is still less than conventional telvon, but it is very helpful to minimize the use of pulses.

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Telkomsel Nelpon Package All Cheap OperatorsThe problem is, if our data packets are running out, and leaving only a small pulse to make calls to other operators. Certainly can not make calls with old is not it?

Well, to outsmart this, I will share the trick to call all operators for 24 hours. Well, nelponTelkomsel package all these operators are fairly cheap, at a cost of only Rp. 2,500, - only, we can enjoy calls to all operators for 40 minutes. Details. 20 minutes to sesame Telkomsel, 20 minutes for other operators.

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Telkomsel Nelpon Package All Operators

Semua pelanggan prabayar Telkomsel bisa menikmati layanan ini (Simpati, Kartu As, dan Loop), baik itu pelanggan lama maupun untuk pelanggan baru.

Nantinya pulsa Anda akan dipotong sebesar Rp. 2500 dan mendapatkan kuota nelpon gratis selama 40 menit ke semua operator. Rinciannya, 20 menit ke sesama Telkomsel, dan 20 menit ke semua operator. Caranya pun cukup mudah, berikut selengkapnya :

  • Untuk pengguna Simpati card, please Dial * 999 * 40 # then press YES / CALL.
  • Untuk pengguna Ace, please Dial * 100 * 40 # then press YES / CALL.
  • Untuk pengguna Simpati Loop card, please Dial * 567 * 40 # then press YES / CALL.

Selanjutnya akan muncul pop up untuk konfirmasi pembelian paket nelpon ini, pilih 1 untuk YES/menyetujui.

Setelah itu, Anda akan menerima notifikasi melalui SMS dari operator yang memberitahukan bahwa paket nelpon Telkomsel ke semua operator berhasil di aktivasi.

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FYI : For those of you whose Videomax quota is often wasted, you can turn it into a flash quota and can be used to access the internet. Read how in "How to Change Videomax Quota into Flash Quota (Regular)"

This is how to enjoy Telkomsel's calling package for all operators. If you have any tricks or other codes to get phone / sms / internet access, please share them in the comments field below.May be useful …!!

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