Cara Aktivasi Pulsa SOS Indosat Ooredoo, Bisa Diandalkan Saat Darurat

4.082 | Cara Aktivasi Pulsa SOS Indosat Ooredoo Saja - Although it is now a variety of variety messenger platform, it turns out the phone and SMS features are still widely used mobile users. Even some people will feel confused when the rest of the pulse to stay a little or even not enough to call or SMS.

Especially if in an emergency if it turns out there is no counter or the closest minimarket service that can serve the purchase of credit. On this basis Indosat Ooredoo makes and offers 'Pulsa SOS' service. So, you do not need to panic when in an emergency because it can use the service SOS Indosat Ooredoo SOS.

Subscribers will receive emergency credit assistance of Rp2.000 and can use it for phone and SMS to Indosat users or all operators. This credit is valid until the following day until 23: 59.

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How to Activate TOS Indosat Ooredoo SOS

1. Activation via SMS

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You can get credit help by enabling this service via SMS from your mobile device. How:

  • Open the messaging app on your device
  • Then type PulsaSOS
  • Send SMS to 505
  • You will then receive a reply that a credit assistance of Rp2.000 has been added to your number.

2. Activation Through Code Call

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In addition to SOS's SMS Activation via SMS, you can also do so with a dialing code:

  • Open the Phone / Call app on your device
  • Type in a dialing code * 505 # pada dialpad on the device
  • Next tap the Call / OK / Yes button.
  • With this, it will automatically add an emergency credit of Rp2.000.

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The SOS Indosat Ooredoo pulse can indeed be easily activated. But not all Indosat Ooredoo users can get this SOS pulse because there are conditions that must be met.

This feature is only given to those who are really in emergency balance. That is, there is a minimum remaining restriction pulse available to be able to memdapatkan this service. This SOS pulse is provided for users with only a balance of Rp500 or less below.

Then, what if the rest of the credit is less than Rp500, but the subscriber can not activate the SOS pulse?

If this happens, make sure you are a prepaid card user because this service is not available to postpay users. Both IM3 and Mentari users, and have subscribed at least 6 months first.

SOS Indosat Ooredoo Pulse
Photo: Indosat Ooredoo

As the name implies, this SOS Pulsa will really be a help when you are in an emergency and should contact certain people.

But you need to note, despite the tone of 'assistance', this SOS pulse is not free. After using the SOS pulse, you are required to return it plus VAT of 10%. Later this payment will automatically be done when you make a credit.

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Well, that's how to use the SOS Indosat Ooreodoo Pulse feature. Easy is not it? Good luck!

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