How to Check Your Own Mobile Number of All Operators (Telkomsel, Indosat, XL, Three, Smartfren Dll)

350.385 | How to Check Your Own Cell Number Telkomsel, Indosat, XL Axiata, Three, Axis Dll - Many mobile users in Indonesia have more than one cellphone number. There are special numbers to use for families, for colleagues and colleagues, or just for internet package list.

How to Check Your Own Phone Number

In Indonesia, there are many operator service companies, such as Telkomsel, Indosat, XL Axiata, Smartfren etc. Each provider has their own superior services to attract millions of users from Internet packages, telephone package, SMS package and other interesting offers. In the current era, internet packages are more sought after and in demand by many.

Many users (including me) who buys cellphone numbers only for internet package lists. Unfortunately, many of us don't memorize or even forget our own cellphone numbers. It's actually easy to find out, we just call a friend and ask for our number. Problems arise if our credit runs out.

Then how the solution if we forget with our HP number?

Don't worry, here is a guide on how to check all operators' own mobile numbers. Check out the catch below.

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How To Check Your Own Mobile Number Of All Operators

How to Check Telkomsel Number (Simpati & AS)

Cek No Hp kartu Telkomsel : Type * 808 # pada dialpad and press YES or CALL.

How to Check Indosat Number OOREDOO (IM3 & Mentari)

Cek No Hp kartu Indosat OOREDOO : Type * 777 * 8 # pada dialpad and press YES or CALL.

How to Check XL Axiata Number

Cek No Hp kartu XL Axiata : how to type * 123 * 7 # then select the description "Card Info XL" then press YES or CALL.

How To Check Axis Number

Cek No kartu Hp Axis : Type * 123 * 7 #, and select it Info Number, then send it.

How to Check Smartfreen Number

Cek No Hp kartu Smartfren : Type * 551 # pada dialpad and press YES or CALL.

How to Check Number 3 (Three)

Check No Hp card 3 (Three): Type * 998 # pada dialpad and press YES or CALL.

How to Check Flexi Number

Check No Hp Flexi card: For Flexi different from others, you have to send via SMS. Type INFO then send SMS to 678.

NOTE !! : The above manner may change at any time without notice from the provider.

So a little review how to check HP's own number of all operators. If you find a change to check the HP number on the provider you use, please write in the comments field to help the reader in order to know how.

Thank you for your visit, may be useful!!.

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