How to view the sender's Whatsapp message

8.858 | How to see the Whatsapp message deleted by the sender - As one application instant messaging popular nowadays, Whatsapp continues to innovate in terms of features and services to maintain user satisfaction.

One feature that is quite interesting and widely used is a feature to attract or delete messages that have been sent. In the chat column of the recipient of the message, the message that has been deleted will be a notification containing, "This message has been deleted". This certainly can make the recipient feel curious, especially with the contents of the deleted message.

how to view deleted Whatsapp messages

Namun kini Anda tidak perlu khawatir. Anda masih bisa melihat pesan Whatsapp yang dihapus dengan memanfaatkan aplikasi yang bernama bernama WhatsRemoved. This application allows you to know the message that your contact sent but the sender pulled. Check out the following ways.

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How to see Whatsapp messages deleted with WhatsRemoved

This application was developed by Develompent Colors. The way it works is to detect and save various files or messages deleted from the WhatsApp application.

1. Install WhatsRemoved on your smartphone

The WhatsRemoved application can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store. You can click the link below to install the application.

Install WhatsRemoved for free on the Google Play Store

2. Give Access Permit

When it's finished installing, open the application and follow the next instructions. Later you will be asked to give permission to the WhatsRemoved application to access notifications and files. Tap Allow to allow.

After giving the application permission to access files on your device, after that the "Listerner Service Notification Service" request appears, tap "Yes" to open the "Notification Access" page, then activate the "Read Notification Data" option. Then tap tap "Allow" at the confirmation prompt to complete the settings.

3. Wait for WhatsRemoves to save deleted messages

After the permission has been given, the application will automatically run behind the screen. Next, if a sender deletes the message on WhatsApp, a notification will appear on WhatsRemoved. You only need to open the application and then see the message that the sender has deleted.

Well, that's how to see the Whatsapp message that was deleted the sender, it's easy isn't it? In addition to storing text messages, this application can also filter content that is downloaded automatically, such as images, sound recordings, videos and music. Good luck!

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