How to Multiply Apps on Xiaomi Using Dual Apps

2.837 | How to Multiply Apps on Xiaomi Using Dual Apps - One of the interesting features that exist in MIUI is Dual Apps. This feature allows users to duplicate apps so they can run two different accounts within 1 devices, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook or others.

Dual Apps own features can be found in MIUI 7 and continue to keep up to the latest version, MIUI 9.

Nah, kali ini saya akan membagikan tutorial mengenai cara menggandakan aplikasi di Xiaomi menggunakan fitur Dual Apps tersebut. Simak selengkapnya di bawah ini.Dual AppsSee also:

How to Multiply Apps on Xiaomi

  • First, open the menu or app Settings then select the menu Dual Apps.How to Multiply Apps on Xiaomi 1
  • Nantinya akan ditampilkan semua aplikasi yang mendukung Dual Apps. Untuk mengaktifkannya, Anda hanya perlu mengetuk toggle disebelah kanan menjadi posisi ON. Contohnya disini kita akan menggandakan aplikasi WhatsApp.How to Multiply Apps on Xiaomi 2
  • When warning appears Turn On Google Service, select the button Turn On.How to Multiply Apps on Xiaomi 3
  • Once done, the system will create an icon shortcut new on the homescreen for duplicated apps. On application shortcuts that have been duplicated with features Dual Apps it will have a mark at the bottom of the corner.
  • Next open the previously duplicated WA app, then do the registration with a different mobile number to get a new account. This also applies to other apps so you can run more than one account.How to Multiply Apps on Xiaomi 5
  • Done, you can now run two Whatsapp accounts on one Android smartphone.

If you want to disable Dual Apps, you just need to repeat the above steps by going to the menu Settings → Dual Apps. Then select the app you want to disable and select OK to continue the uninstall process.How to Multiply Apps on Xiaomi 7


  • Keep in mind that process cloning the application will burden your storage, for example if one application is 50MB size, then when duplicated there will be an extra load of the same size. So, we recommend you use this feature for apps that you really need.
  • In addition to load on storage and RAM, of course, data consumption will also increase.
  • Dual Apps does not support all apps, only apps featured in Dual Apps features can be duplicated.
  • This feature can only be found on Xiaomi devices using MIUI 7 or later.
  • Dual Apps is different from Second Space, read about Second room di this page.

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