How to Use Two Whatsapp Numbers in One Smartphone

How to Use Two Whatsapp Numbers in One Smartphone
Photo: Pixabay | How to Use Two Whatsapp Numbers in One Device - You could say most smartphone users today certainly know Whatsapp. An instant messaging application that is rich in features does support a variety of devices, from low-end devices to flagship.

Because of its ease, many users want to use more than one account WhatsApp in one device. This is usually done to separate personal interests and other matters.

But unfortunately, not all devices are equipped with Clone App although most smartphones released in Indonesia have supported the use of dual SIM cards.

Therefore, users need third-party applications for duplicate (cloning) WhatsApp application. For Android device users, we recommend that you use the Parallel Space application. This application can be relied upon to duplicate various applications, which in this case is WhatsApp.

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How to use two Whatsapp numbers with Parallel Space

  1. First, install the Parallel Space application that you can download for free at Google Play Store.
  2. After it is successfully installed, run the Parallel Space application and wait for the process.
  3. Then the screen will display a page with a button START, click on the button.
  4. Next will be displayed a list of applications that you can clone, to duplicate it you only need to tap the WhatsApp application until a blue check mark appears in the upper right corner of the application icon.
  5. When it's finished, you can click the button Add to Parallel Space in the below section.
  6. After successfully duplicating, click the WhatsApp icon contained in Parallel Space, then please register with a new number or you can also move your WhatsApp account as usual.

Notes : Usually some applications will be selected by default to duplicate, but you can change them by unchecking the blue.

If you have arrived at this stage, you can now use two Whatsapp numbers in one Android device. Besides Whatsapp, you can also duplicate other applications, such as Facebook or Instagram.

Actually, another alternative to being able to have two Whatsapp accounts is to use GBWhatsapp MOD application. This application also has various features that are not found in the Whatsapp Official application, for example change the Whatsapp theme or lock it with a password.

How? not difficult not to use two numbers Whatsapp even though it has one device? Now you no longer need to use many devices to separate the use of Whatsapp for personal matters or work interests. Good luck.

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