Cara Mudah Merekam Layar Ponsel Xiaomi

3.468 | Cara Merekam layar HP Xiaomi - Who does not know Xiaomi. Vendor smartphones are known to produce quality products but with affordable prices is one of the technology companies are enough in calculating at this time.

In addition to the specifications of the device on offer, Xiaomi equip his smartphone with MIUI interface that attracts a lot of Android users because of the look and features that it carries. One of them is an interesting feature is the Screen Recorder.

Cara Merekam layar HP Xiaomi

Fitur screen recorder this is very useful especially for users who like to share tutorials and activities performed on Xiaominya smartphone.

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Cara Merekam Layar HP Xiaomi

To be able to use the screen recorder feature (screen record), you must use MIUI 8 and above. You can adjust the resolution, video quality and frame rate to your liking. Well, for that on this occasion I will discuss about how to record the Xiaomi smartphone screen, and of course it is without third-party applications because Xiaomi already provides screen recording feature on the device.

Follow the steps below:

  1. First of all, run the Screen Recorder application (screen record). This application is usually located in the tools / tools folder.
  2. Before starting the screen recording, make the settings for the video to be captured. The trick, tap the icon "Setting" in the upper right corner. Please do your desired video resolution settings, ranging from resolution, video quality, orientation and to easily record the Xiaomi smartphone screen
  3. Next, please go back to the main menu and then tap the icon "Video Recorder" located on the bottom corner of the screen.
  4. After that, you can start recording activity on your Xiaomi smartphone by tapping the button "Start". For the recording time will automatically run.
  5. When you have finished recording, please tap on the icon 'stop'. After that you will see the results of your to easily record the Xiaomi smartphone screen
  6. Please name the file and save it on your device. The longer the duration of recording the screen, then the capacity of the video in the store is also getting bigger.
  7. Done!

Easy is not it?

NOTES : The above method you can apply to all types of Xiaomi smartphone (Redmi or MI), but who already use MIUI 8 and above.

Nah, demikianlah cara mudah merekam layar hp Xiaomi dengan mudah menggunakan fitur Screen Recorder. Kunjungi terus untuk mendapatkan tips dan artikel menarik lainnya.

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