3 How to Re-Register Card 3 Tri


Ponselgue.com | 3 How to Re-Register Card 3 Tri - As of 31 October 2017 yesterday, all users of telecommunication services (mobile users) in Indonesia are required to perform Re-registration prepaid cards using NIK and KK ID. This is in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Communication and Information (PM Kominfo) Number 12 Year 2016 and its amendment.

The purpose of enacting this rule is as an effort by the government to protect the public / prepaid card customers from misuse of customer numbers from crime and terrorism. The last deadline to re-register at the latest on 28 February 2018.

For prepaid card registration via SMS, the way is almost the same for all providers, only the SMS writing format is different.

Well, for you 3 Tri card prepaid users who still do not know how to re-register your Tri 3 card, see the complete way below.

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3 How to Re-Register Card 3 (Three)

NOTE !! : It's a good idea to make sure your Population Identity Number data matches what is recorded in Dukcapil. You can check it online at Kemendagri website HERE.

3 How to Re-Register Card 3 Tri

The following are the things that must be prepared before re-registering:

  • Prepaid Customer ID 3 Tri
  • Population Identity Number (NIK) listed on e-KTP / KK (16 Digit)
  • Family Card Number (16 Digits)

(* NIK, KK number according to valid KK & KK which has been recorded in DG of Dukcapil.)

For 3 Tri users, 3 has a way of re-registering your prepaid card, via SMS, via the official web of 3, and coming directly to 3Store terdeka. Check out more below.

#1. Registration via SMS

Card Registration 3 Tri for potential customers

Type SMS to 4444 with format: NIK # KK #

Example: 3514792706940001 # 3514792503140002 #

For this new number the validation process takes a maximum of 1 × 24 hours.

Re-register card 3 Tri for old customers

Type SMS to 4444 with format: REPEAT # NIK # KK #

Example: REPEAT # 3514792706940001 # 3514792503140002 #

For an old number that has been activated, you will receive an SMS notification of re-registration result not long after registration.

* The number entered must match the one shown on the COW

#2. Web Registration 3 Tri

  • The first step, please visit the page Web Registration 3 Tri.
  • Then fill in the form provided in accordance with your data (No. Hp, NIK, KK Number).How to Re-Register Card 3 (Three)
  • Then click the button "Request a Secret Code" to get the Token sent via SMS to your mobile number. Or you 4 the last number of serial number (ICCID), that is the number that is behind your Tri card.
  • Enter the Code you received (Token only valid for 5 minutes).
  • Last step, please click button "SEND".

You will then receive a notification SMS from 4444 regarding the re-registration process of your Tri 3 prepaid card.

#3. Coming To 3Store

Each NIK can maximally register itself (self registration) for 3 card number only for each provider of telecommunication network. If more than 3 number, you can register by going to the nearest 3Store by bringing ID and KK.

Well, that's how 3 re-register 3 Tri card I can share. If you experience any obstacles or difficulties during re-registration, please write your question in the comment field below. You can also contact us through the page Contact.

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