4 How to Re-Registration Axis Cards


Ponselgue.com | 4 How to Re-Registration Axis Cards - Axis users quite a lot in Indonesia, especially after Axis in the acquisition by Xl Axiata. Along with the high demand of internet users, Axis also offers RAWIT package, namely RABU IRIT. Where if we list the package on Wednesday, can buy internet data packet of 8GB with price 60 RB only.

Well, referring to the Regulation of the Minister of Communication and Information (PM Kominfo) Number 12 Year 2016 and its changes, mobile phone users in Indonesia are required to re-register a prepaid card in use. No exception Axis customers. This is because the rise of irresponsible users misusing customer numbers to commit crimes and terrorism. The hope, the community and users of prepaid cards can be more comfortable and protected.

For prepaid card registration via SMS, the way is almost the same for all providers, only the SMS writing format is different.

Well, for you Axis prepaid card users who still do not know how to re-register your Axis card, see the full way below.How to Re-Registration Axis Cards

NOTE !! : It's a good idea to make sure your Population Identity Number data matches what is recorded in Dukcapil. You can check it online at Kemendagri website HERE.

4 How to Re-Registration Axis Cards

The following are the things that must be prepared before re-registering:

  • Axis Prepaid Customer ID
  • Population Identity Number (NIK) listed on e-KTP / KK (16 Digit)
  • Family Card Number (16 Digits)

(* NIK, KK number according to valid KK & KK which has been recorded in DG of Dukcapil.)

For Axis users, There is 4 how to re-register your prepaid card, via SMS, via My Axisnet application, via Axis's official web, and come directly to the nearest Axis Store. Check out more below.

#1. Registration via SMS

New Axis Card Registrations (potential customers)

Type SMS to 4444 with format: LIST # NIK # KK Number

Example: LIST # 3514792706940001 # 3514792503140002

Then follow the next instructions. For this new number the validation process takes a maximum of 1 × 24 hours.

Re-register Axis card for old customers

Type SMS to 4444 with format: REPEAT # NIK # KK Number

Example: REPEAT # 3514792706940001 # 3514792503140002

For an old number that has been activated, you will receive an SMS notification of re-registration result not long after registration.

* The number entered must match the one shown on the COW

#2. Through My AXISNET Application

  1. Download the My Axisnet app on your phone.
  2. Done on download, run My Axisnet app.
  3. If the app is already open, open the menu Profile Settings, then select sub menu Re-registration.
  4. Then enter ID card numberand Mandatory Data according to the option you choose.
  5. Done!How to Re-Register Axis Card 2

#3. Through the Axis Website

  1. Please visit Axis re-registration website.
  2. Then enter your Axis number in the available field, then press Verify.
  3. You will receive a verification code from 4444 via SMS (valid code is used up to 5 minutes after the message is received).
  4. Follow the next instructions.
  5. Done !!How to Re-Registration Axis Cards

#4. Through Axis Store

Each NIK can maximally register itself (self registration) for 3 card number only for each provider of telecommunication network. If more than 3 number, you can register by going to the nearest Axis store by bringing ID and KK.

Well, that's how 4 re-register Axis cards I can share. If you feel helpful with this article, do not be shy to share it.

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