How to Re-Register Card Indosat (IM3, Mentari)

200.343 | How to Re-register Card Indosat - The purpose and benefits of prepaid card registration with validation of NIK and No KK is to provide protection to the public (users of telecommunication services) to the crime of terrorism, fraud, spamming information, and so on. The hope, the community / customers more comfortable in using telecommunications services.

Pre-paid card users are required to re-apply from 31 October 2017 until the deadline of 28 February 2018. If within that period the customer does not re-register, the telecommunication service provider will block outgoing service calls, incoming calls, SMS, and internet service blocking.

Registration can be done via SMS and also through operator outlet for validation.

For prepaid card registration via SMS, the way is almost the same for all providers, only the SMS writing format is different.

Well, for you Indosat prepaid card users who still do not know how to re-register your card Indosat, see how more details in the following.

How to Re-register Card Indosat

NOTE !! : It's a good idea to make sure your Population Identity Number data matches what is recorded in Dukcapil. You can check it online at Kemendagri website HERE.

How to Re-Register Card Indosat (IM3 & Mentari)

For WNI (Indonesian citizen), here are the things that must be prepared before re-registration:

  • Indosat Prepaid Customer ID (IM3, Mentari)
  • Population Identity Number (NIK) listed on e-KTP / KK (16 Digit)
  • Family Card Number (16 Digits)

(* NIK, KK number according to valid KK & KK which has been recorded in DG of Dukcapil.)

For registration of New Indosari Number (Indosat Prime Card)

Type SMS to 4444 with format: NIK # KK #

Example: 3514792706940001 3514792503140002 #

For new numbers, the validation process takes a maximum of 1 × 24 hours.

Re-register of old Indosat card (number already activated)

Type SMS to 4444 with format: REPEAT # NIK # KK #

Example: REPEAT # 3514792706940001 # 3514792503140002

For an old number that has been activated, you will receive an SMS notification of re-registration result not long after registration.

* The number entered must match the one shown on the COW

For WNA (Foreigners), here are the things that must be prepared before re-registering

  • Passport
  • KITAP (Stay Permit Card)
  • KITAS (Temporary Stay Permit Card)

For foreigners, in registering the prepaid card must go to the telecommunication service provider's booth with a passport / KITAS / KITAP. Furthermore, officers will record the required information, ie name, passport number / KITAS / KITAP, citizenship and place and date of birth.

Each NIK maximum can register themselves (self registration) for 3 card number only. If more than 3 number, can register with mendatagi outlet nearest telecommunication service provider by bringing KTP and KK.

Well, if you at the time of re-register to experience difficulties, please contact Indosat customer service at 185.

Jika Anda sedang mencari paket internet murah IM3 Ooredoo, silahkan buka this page.

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