3 How To Unreg NSP Telkomsel To Make The Pulse Not Sucked


Ponselgue.com | 3 Cara Unreg NSP Telkomsel - As one of the major players in Telecom service industry, Telkomsel certainly has many services that can be used by its customers. In addition to providing Internet services, telephone, to SMS, Telkomsel also provides NSP or Personal Dialogue service to attract users.

As we know, the NSP (Personal Samsung Tone) is a feature of waiting tones when making calls. Well, from Telkomsel there is NSP 1212 which is a paid subscription service to personalize the ring tone of HP Telkomsel subscribers. Customers can replace the desired sound or song content when the customer's number receives the phone.How to Unreg NSP TelkomselAlthough now many phone services are switching to using instant messaging applications, so many users still use the service of conventional phone calls. This is not out of existence cheap nelpon package all operators provided by Telkomsel. And of course, many customers use NSP 1212 Telkomel service, sometimes even automatically activated because there is a promo from the operator.

For some people, NSP is quite interesting because while waiting for the phone lifted can listen to the song. However, others assume that NSP 1212i is very annoying and siphon pulse when not subscribed at all.

For that, for you (Telkomsel subscribers) who want to stop or unreg NSP Telkomsel, consider the following tutorial.

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How to Unreg NSP Telkomsel (Unsubscribe)

There are 3 ways to unsubscribe from NSP Telkomsel, ie by Unreg NSP Telkomsel manually or by leaving it until the active period and grace period expire. If you choose to leave it until the grace period expires, then you must empty the remaining balance, otherwise it will be truncated for automatic NSP renewal.

Consider the three ways below.

1. Unreg all NSP / songs

  1. First, open the messaging app or SMS on your phone
  2. Then type a word OFF
  3. Send the SMS to 1212
  4. You will then receive SMS notifications from Telkomsel that contain information that you have unsubscribed.

You can send SMS to 1212 for free. In this way, all your NSPs will be stopped and will not suck your monthly credit anymore.

2. Unreg NSP specific songs

  1. First, open the messaging app or SMS on your phone
  2. Next, type SMS with the format: OFF[space]ALIAS SONGS
  3. Send the SMS to 1212
  4. In addition, you can also directly dial the code * 121 * 9 # then select No.5 (Unsubscribe from NSP) on the available UMB menu
  5. Wait for a notification SMS from Telkomsel that contains a notification that you have unsubscribed from one of the selected songs.

3. Let the Grace Period End

  1. If the credit is insufficient for an extension, then the subscriber will automatically enter the grace period for 30 days;
  2. During the grace period, customers can still enjoy the NSP service and the processor of extension (charging) can still take place;
  3. If during the 30 days the toll balance is still insufficient for extension, Telkomsel's NSP subscribers will be automatically disabled

The three ways Unreg NSP Telkomsel above is very powerful to stop NSP 1212 service. You choose which way to stop it?

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