7 Error When Choosing Power Bank


Ponselgue.com | 7 Error When Choosing Power Bank - Gadgets increasingly inseparable from daily activities. Various activities, such as working, reading, playing, and interacting through social media, etc. can easily be done using a mobile phone. Therefore, the phone battery can run out quickly despite having a large power capacity.

Powerbank becomes one of the solutions for users with high mobility. Because it allows users to charge the gadget whenever and wherever.

However, do not just choose powerbank based on its power capability only. You need to be careful when choosing powerbank before buying it. Do not let your favorite device even be broken. For that reason, you should avoid 7 error when selecting the following power bank.

7 Error When Choosing Power Bank

1. Choosing Powerbank Based on Power Capacity

7 Error When Choosing Power Bank

The market is now available many variations of powerbank power capacity. Not a few buyers who are only concerned with the amount of power capacity in the hope that it can charge the phone battery several times.

In fact, the greater the power capacity, of course, the greater the size of the powerbank. You will have trouble in carrying it. We recommend you adjust power powerbank with requirement and your daily activities.

2. Not Paying attention to Number of Battery Cells

Most people choose powerbank based on well-known brands and affordable prices, regardless of the number of battery cells used by the powerbank.

This is actually important because it will affect the resistance of the powerbank. The more the number, the longer the life of your powerbank.

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3. Purchased Large Capacity Powerbank With Cheap Price

7 Error When Choosing Power Bank

Along with the many enthusiasts power bank, many sellers are offering cheap powerbank with large capacity. Surely many buyers are tempted by this. Unfortunately not all cheap powerbank has a good quality. Often, these cheap powerbank use recycled batteries to reduce production costs.

For that, you should choose a product with a trusted brand and guaranteed authenticity. Maybe the price can be more expensive but worth the quality that you will get.

You do not want your device to be broken, do you?

4. Not Using the Default Connector

Power banks are usually equipped with connectors to connect it with the gadget. But apparently not all connectors are of good quality and suitable for your gadget.

If you use the wrong connector, there can be a short circuit with gadgets resulting in component malfunction. We recommend that you use your device's default connector as it is clearly tested for safety and generating output which is more stable.

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5. Ignoring Features on Powerbank

7 Error When Choosing Power Bank

Choose the powerbank that has the feature Short Circuit Protection. This feature is a protection that prevents short-circuit or short circuit, either on powerbank or gadgets You, so can avoid the damage.

In addition, select also has features Over Charging Protection. With this feature, when the battery on the device is fully charged, the powerbank will disconnect the power automatically.

Well, will be more complete if the power bank there are features Temperature Protection. The goal is to detect overheating during charging.

6. Powerbank Has No Matched Output

Select powerbank that has output according to your device. Do not be too low or too high because it can be dangerous device You. The use of appropriate power will also make the process of charging the battery faster.

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7. Purchased Uncertified Powerbank


What is UL certification? Why is it important to buy a certified powerbank?

UL (Underwriters Laboratories) are certificates related to security, validation, testing, supervision, auditing, training services to all clients, including manufacturers, retailers, policymakers, regulators, service firms, and consumers.

UL certification will guarantee your powerbank has standard quality control and output real estate that keeps your device safe.

Well, that was 7 mistake when choosing a power bank is often done a lot of smartphone users. Have you ever experienced one of the above?

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