2 Easy Way to Open Two Accounts in Whatsapp Web


Ponselgue.com | How to Open Two Accounts in Whatsapp Web - All Smartphone users would be familiar with Whatsapp, which is one application instant messaging which is popular. Platform that has been in facebook acquisition already supports various lines of the operating system, both in Android and iOS. Various updates and feature enhancements make it even more desirable.

Besides can be used in smartphone, Whatsapp can also be operated through browser by scanning the QR code (quick response) in the form of black-and-white boxes. Later after scanning this QR code window browser will show Whatsapp users instantly.

how to open two accounts in Whatsapp Web
Screenshot Whatsapp Web

Creating a Whatsapp account that requires only phone number verification allows many users to have more than 1 Whatsapp account. Well, it turns out users can open two accounts in Whatsapp Web browser used.

Curious about how? Check out the following details.

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How to Open Two Accounts in Whatsapp Web

1. Using modes incognito

incognito mode of Google Chrome
Incognito mode of Google Chrome

For those who like to use Google Chrome, you can take advantage of fashion incognito. This mode is usually used to be surfing on the internet without leaving a "trail" form history recorded by browser. To open a window incognito,click MENUNew incognito window, or you can use a shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + N.

After the window incognito open, you can open the page web.whatsapp.com then scan the QR code displayed on the screen. All you need to do is to log in to Menu → Whatsapp Web on your smartphone, then point the camera to browser to perform a QR code scan.

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Well, using two different modes, ie regular mode and mode incognito, allows you to open two accounts in the Whatsapp web. But this way is limited to using only 2 accounts, if more than that, consider the following ways.

2. Access Whatsapp on the page dyn.web.whatsapp.com

Go to dyn.web.whatsapp.com

If you have more than 2 accounts, then you can use this method in combination with modes incognito.

The trick is practically similar to the usual Whatsapp Web procedure, but replace the commonly visited web.whatsapp.com URL with dyn.web.whatsapp.com to add an extra Whatsapp 1 account in the browser you're using.

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With using the Whatsapp account simultaneously, it certainly helps you primarily for business purposes because you can separate messages that come from relationships / customers and friends on your personal Whatsapp account.

If you prefer to use Whatsapp on your Android smartphone, you can open Multi Whatsapp account by installing it application GBWhatsapp. For Xuaomi device users, you can duplicate the Whatsapp app using the dual apps feature.

Good luck, hopefully useful.

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