5 How to Solve Samsung's HP Memory Quickly Full


Ponselgue.com | How to Solve Samsung Mobile Storage Quick Fully - Samsung is the best-selling smartphone vendor in Indonesia according to IDC market share for 30%. The best selling in the market is in the sector mid-range which has many options.

Samsung, a long-standing player in the mobile device industry, has always captivated smartphone users worldwide. Of course not be separated from the quality and innovation that Samsung offers on each smartphone.Samsung SP storage is fast full

However, along with the development of existing features and applications, also helped increase the size of the application. This makes Samsung devices that have a relatively small internal memory capacity (8GB down) are getting a problem. Not a few users who complained when trying to install his Samsung phone applications, suddenly appeared that the warning was full storage.

This certainly makes the user confused data or what applications should be deleted.

Well, to solve the problem, on this occasion I will share tips on how to cope with the fast Samsung full storage. Check out more below.

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If you are experiencing a full-blown memory problem in Samsung's HP, just take a look at the following 5 tips for more convenient storage.

1. Move app to SD Card

The first way you can do is to move the application stored in the internal memory to the SD Card. This is powerful enough to do to relieve storage devices.

For move apps to SD Card, see the steps below:

  1. First, please open Settings of your Samsung device.
  2. Scroll down the screen and find the menu Application.
  3. Next select the option "Application Manager"Then select the app you want to move.move the app to SD Card
  4. When you finish selecting the app, tap on the app and select the menu Storage.move apps to SD Card 2
  5. To move an app storage, tap the button Change then select the SD card as an app storage.move apps to SD Card 3
  6. The final step, tap the button Move then wait until the app transfer process successfully done.move apps to SD Card 4

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2. Reduce the collection of photos and videos

delete unnecessary photos and filesThe next way is to reduce the collection of photos, videos, or other large files that you store on your device. Surely this is a file that you no longer need or has been copied to your computer or laptop.

The full memory is fast because usually you often download photos or videos and save them to your smartphone. Sometimes you receive less important photo and video file submissions from your social media apps. Therefore, you should immediately delete these non-essential files to expand the storage of your Samsung device.

3. Lakukan Clear Cache

Clear CacheThe third way you can try is to do Clear Cache. The cache file itself is used to allow files or applications to open faster.

However, Cache and temporary files that are rarely removed or cleaned will continue to accumulate in the internal memory. This is one cause of full memory and make the android system running slowly and heavily.

By deleting your Samsung cache file, it will reduce your storage load and make it looser.

4. Uninstall unneeded apps

uninstall applicationThe fourth way is to delete apps that are rarely used or even no longer needed. Often this is because you are trying to install some apps or games on your device.

If too many apps and games are installed on your Samsung smartphone, it will certainly take up a lot of storage capacity. We recommend that you-uninstall apps that you no longer need so that your smartphone's memory is not full.

5. Turn off the Automatic Updates feature

Turn off the Automatic Updates featureThe last way you can do is to turn off the feature Update automatically on the Google Play Store. The reason, the Play Store will update the innate applications that you rarely use which of course increase the amount of capacity required.

By turning off this feature, in addition to not making your Samsung phone storage full fast, it can also save your internet quota.

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Well, that's how 5 tips on how to cope with the fast Samsung full HP storage. Obviously by doing some of the above steps, your memory becomes more loose and the performance of the device so much lighter and faster. May be useful.

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