3 How To Flash Asus All Types


Ponselgue.com | 3 How To Flash Asus All Types - Along with the duration of your Asus device usage, usually the device will experience various hardware and software problems. What often happens is the damage to the software, as often suddenly self-reboot, Force Closed application, warning appears "unfortunately, the application has stopped", hang & error, or even bootloop.

The first handling that can be done is to do factory reset / hard reset (read how here: How To Reset Hard Asus All Types). Usually, 'minor' defects will be resolved after being restored to original settings. However, in some cases if it is reset but does not show results, the method that can be tried is to do flashing.

For devices that experience bootloop (stuck in Asus logo only), before the hardware damage verdict, would be better if done flashing first.3 flash way Asus All Types

In this article, I will share the guide 3 how to Flash Asus of all types, whether it's for upgrading / downgrade firmware, or to install new firmware. Check out the complete way below.

NOTE !! : Baca dan pahami setiap step-nya, baru kemudian Anda eksekusi perangkat Anda. Dalam hal ini, semua resiko kerusakan diluar tanggungjawab kami.

3 How To Flash Asus All Types

There are 3 flashing methods that can be done. The first method is update via SD Card, the second is via ADB Fastboot, and the latter using Asus Flash Tool.

Be sure before flashing, the battery is in condition full charging or at least filled with 50%. This is done so that the device does not run out of power during the flashing process.

1. Flash Asus Tanpa PC / Update Via SD Card

  1. First of all, go to the page Asus Firmware.
  2. Then select the device that suits your Asus phone type, then download the Asus firmware.
  3. When finished downloading, please move the firmware file to SD Card. Put it outside the folder to make it easier to search (this firmware file extension * .zip).
  4. Now, turn off the Asus device and let stand for a while.
  5. Next, go to Asus Recovery. Way, press and hold Power button + volume down (-), then release the button if the Asus logo appears and enter Recovery mode.
  6. For navigation, use the Up / Down volume buttons for up and down menus, and the power button to confirm.
  7. Next, select the menu Apply update from external storage.flash asus without pc
  8. Please select the firmware file that has been downloaded earlier, then select "OK" by pressing the power button.
  9. Wait for the installation of the firmware package to run for a while.
  10. If the process is complete and successfully executed, please reboot
  11. Fill startup standard to set up Google Accounts, languages, regions etc. to enter the Home Screen.
  12. Done !!

For more details, please see the following video (Credit video: Sabertooth159) :

2. Cara Flash Asus via ADB Fastboot


Download the tools and files needed for flash Asus via ADB fastboot the following:

    • PC with Windows OS. Use UPS as anticipation if at any time during the flashing of a power outage. Or you can also use Laptop.
    • Data cable / USB (use original cable / phone default).
    • Asus Android USB Driver, (download here). When finished downloading and extracting, please install the driver on your computer. If a Windows Security warning appears,"Windows can not verify -" , continue by selecting "Install this driver software anyway".install Driver
    • ADB Fastboot tool. Download then extract.
  • download Asus Firmware, adjust to your device type. Finished in the download, extract the file and then rename it (rename) to user.zip.

Flashing Steps

  1. First of all, move the extracted Asus Firmware and rename it to the ADB Fastboot tool folder.
  2. Next turn off the device then go into DroidBoot / FastBoot mode by pressing the Volume up + power button simultaneously, release the button if it appears Asus logo. If you have entered fastboot mode, please select recovery menu. Use the volume buttons for up and down navigation and the power button for confirmation.
  3. The phone will automatically restart, after that will appear Android logo No orders. In this condition, please press and hold the volume down, then press once for the volume up key.
  4. If it is already in recovery mode, select menu apply update from ADB.
  5. After that, connect the phone to your computer using the USB cable.
  6. Now open the ADB Fastboot tool folder, right-click on the folder while holding down the shift key, then select it open command window here. Next will appear CMD fastboot window.
  7. Next, in the CMD window type command adb device and press enter. If on "List of devices attached" appears a combination of numbers and letters, this indicates that the device has been detected by the computer.ADB Fastboot Tool 2
  8. Next, type the command adb sideload user.zip then press enter (user.zip is a firmware file that has been rename earlier).ADB Fastboot Tool
  9. If the sending process is up to 100%, then the device will install automatically.
  10. After the flashing process is complete, a notification will appear Install from ADB complete on the Asus device screen.
  11. After that the phone will return to recovery mode menu, please select Reboot system now. After the phone has finished booting, will appear start up standart Android to set the language, region, Google account etc.
  12. Done !!

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If you are still the first time to do Asus flash, this way certainly looks very complicated. For that, please see the following video tutorial for your convenience (credit video: Fathullah Rasya)

3. Cara Flash Menggunakan Asus Flash Tool

The necessary tools and files

Please prepare and download the tools and files needed for flashing Asus Zenfone C:

  • PC / Laptop running Windows OS (min wear Windows 7).
  • Data cable (use original device cable).
  • Asus Firmware, Download it on Ponselgue.com, then extract it.
  • Asus Android USB Driver, download here. When finished downloading and extracting, please install the driver on your computer. If a Windows Security warning appears,"Windows can not verify -" , continue by selecting "Install this driver software anyway".install Driver
  • Asus Flash tools. Download and then extract and install on your computer.

Flashing Stage Using AFT

  1. First off, turn off your device. Make sure the battery is charged more than 50% for flashing.
  2. Go to Droidboot Mode. How, press power button + Volume UP simultaneously, hold it until you get into Droidboot Mode, then release both buttons.
  3. Open the Asus Flashtool app, run as administrator.
  4. Next, connect your Asus phone to your PC / Laptop using the USB cable. If the USB icon appears, the device has been detected by the computer.
  5. On the Model tab, please select device type, then on Wipe Data select option And it is. Then click browse to enter the Asus firmware that has been downloaded earlier.How To Flash Asus zenfone 2 With AFT
  6. Now click on USB icon (connection), then click start button to start flashing process. Wait until the flashing process is complete.cara flash Asus Zenfone C 2
  7. If state (circle) has changed color to green and appear notification "Flash image successfully", flashing process has been completed and successfully run.How To Flash Asus zenfone 2
  8. Close the Asus flash Tools application and unplug the USB cable from the computer. Next select the reboot menu in Droidboot to restart the device.
  9. Wait for the boot process to run (usually first boot a bit longer), then will appear start up standart Android to set Language, Google Account, etc network.
  10. Done!

Please see the following video to make it easier for you when flashing Asus Zenfone C Z007 (credit video: Budi Khusuma) :

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Well, that's how 3 how to flash Asus all types. This method you can use to repair software damage that occurs on your Asus device.

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