2 Cara Mengatasi Invalid IMEI Setelah Flashing Android


My phone – Kasus IMEI tidak valid sering terjadi setelah pengguna smartphone Android melakukan flashing. IMEI merupakan kode khusus yang dimiliki setiap ponsel dan digunakan digunakan oleh operator seluler untuk mengidetifikasi perangkat di jangkauan jaringan mereka.HOW TO OVERCOME IMEI NOT VALID

Well, if the Android IMEI is invalid, the device will find it difficult to identify the network so it can not capture signals from the mobile carrier. And that means Android devices can not be used to make or receive calls or SMS. A big loss is not it?

Then, what caused the IMEI invalid?

Usually some Android smartphones experience this IMEI Invalid after the device in flash, especially devices that use Mediatek chipset (but this case also found on other chipsets). This risk often occurs when flashing using custom ROMs that still have many bugs.

Well, if you want your IMEI back as before, please follow how to deal with invalid IMEI (Invalid IMEI) after flashing.

How to resolve Invalid IMEI

First Method

  1. First of all, note the IMEI number found on the back of the phone.
  2. After that go into Engineering Mode. The trick, type the code * # * # * # * # 3646633 in your handheld dialpad.
  3. Once you get into Engineering Mode, continue by selecting "Connectivity".
  4. Next select CDS Information.
  5. Then select Radio Information. If Android is dual SIM, select phone 1 first.
  6. Next will appear AT + writing, click to edit then add to AT + EGMR = 1,7, "CONTENTS NUMBER IMEI PHONES" then click SEND. if successful will appear notification AT Command is sent.
  7. Press back and select phone 2. To edit IMEI the same way as Phone 1, just change the number 1,7 to 1,10.
  8. If all is successful, please restart your Android phone.
  9. After the phone starts, check by entering the code * # 06 # to view IMEI information. You can see the signal indicator, if it appears the signal bar means the invalid IMEI problem is resolved. Now the phone can be used normally.

Engineer Mode

record : If during Send Command failed, add a space before the + sign. In some cases this works to overcome IMEI Invalid.

Second Method

This second way we can use third-party applications, namely Chamelephon. But to install this application the device must be root first. For rooting your Andaroid, read the article "how to root Android".

Here's how to solve IMEI Invalid using Chamelephon.

  1. Write down IMEI first on the back of the phone.
  2. download Chamelephon.apk.
  3. After the Apk file has been downloaded, please install Chamelephon.
  4. Run Chamelephone app.
  5. Enter your IMEI, then press Apply new IMEIs.
  6. After successful, restart the device.
  7. If the phone is on, check the signal bar indicator. If it appears, check IMEI with the code * # 06 # to make sure IMEI is normal.

imei chamelephon

Well, that's two methods to deal with invalid IMEI after flashing Android smartphone. Good luck, hopefully your IMEI back to normal.

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