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Ponselgue.com | How To Overcome Forgotten Password Cloud Mi - Jika Apple memiliki Apple ID, maka Xiaomi-pun memiliki sebuah akun khusus Xiaomi, yaitu Mi Account. Dengan akun ini Anda bisa melakukan banyak hal, mulai dari sinkronisasi data, contact, SMS, Kalender, Catatan, melakukan backup restore pengaturan maupun aplikasi, menghapus data. Selain itu, MI Account juga dapat digunakan untuk unlock bootloader hingga melacak keberadaan smartphone yang hilang dan menguncinya melalui i.mi.com (as long as the smartphone is connected to GPS).

Many lay users who happen to 'lack' understand about the functions and services that can be from Mi Account. Indeed, even without setting up the Mi Account on your Xiaomi device, it has no effect on the Performance of the phone. However, some exclusive services from Xiaomi so can not be enjoyed.

Kasus yang sering terjadi adalah banyak pengguna yang melakukan hard reset namun lupa mengeluarkan akun Mi Cloud-nya terlebih dahulu. Atau pada saat membeli ponsel Xiaomi bekas namun lupa memastikan kalau Mi Account sudah dikeluarkan oleh pengguna sebelumnya.

Well, because of the importance of Mi Account, lost or forgot Mi Cloud password is certainly very annoying. To overcome this, here I provide a complete guide how to overcome it.

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How To Overcome Forgot Password Mi Cloud

how to overcome the forgotten password cloud mi

There are 2 ways to get your Mi Cloud password back, but I recommend the first way because this way Xioami is given to restore the Mi account. While the second way is more to the luck factor, but many successful users also use this way to to get back Mi Account.

1. Reset Password Mi Account Dengan Email/Nomor HP

  1. Log in to the following official Xiaomi website: https://account.xiaomi.com/.
  2. Then the Forgot Password / Forgot Password.Reset Password Mi Account 1
  3. Next enter Phone number or Email address that you used at the time of the list My Account.Masukkan email atau nomor telepon
  4. If you list using No HP, do not forget to use country code +62 (Indonesia). Example: + 6282131xxxxxx. Steeringan click Next.
  5. Make sure the No. HP is entered correctly because Xiaomi will send the secret code for verification to the No HP. If so, click Send.Verifikasi nomor
  6. If you have received a SMS verification code (OTP code), enter it in the field Enter Code. This OTP code is only valid for 1 days. If the code is already entered, continue with the click Submit.masukkan kode OTP
  7. If the code entered is correct, then you will be allowed to update the new password. Create a secure password with a combination of numbers and letters, then click Submit.reset password
  8. Done !!

Congrats, you have successfully reset the password My Account or Mi Cloud account You. Now you can login to your device which locks your Mi Cloud account.

2. Membuat Akun Mi Cloud Baru

If the first way you can not do, either because No HP used for the list is broken or is no longer active, or because it forgot your Email password.

Although this second way does not guarantee to get your Mi Cloud account, but there is no harm in trying is not it? Who knew you were lucky ..

Preparation tools and materials
  • PCs that use Windows OS. We recommend using a PC equipped with UPS, to anticipate if during the process of running flashing electrical outages occur. Or you can also use Laptop.
  • Original Data Cable (use device's default USB cable).
  • Tools: Mi Flash Tool version 2017045 (download here). After that, extract and then install. MiFlash this version already include drivers, so you do not need to install drivers anymore. If at the time of installation appears Windows Security warning, "Windows can not verify -" , continue by selecting "Install this driver software anyway".Windows Security
  • ROM: Fastboot ROM MIUI 7. Customize with the device you are using. Then extract it and place it in Drive C on your PC / Laptop.

If everything is ready, please follow the steps below:

Flashing Steps

Read first each step, if you already understand, please do flashing.

  1. First, turn off the device and then go into fastboot mode. How, press Volume Down + Power button simultaneously until the fastboot logo appears below.fastboot mode
  2. Run the app MiFlash Tool.Flash Xiaomi
  3. Next connect the device to your PC / Laptop using the USB cable already in the ready.
  4. Click refresh on MiFlash. If the device has been detected, will display a combination of letters and numbers on the device.Flash Xiaomi
  5. Next step, click select and select the folder where you saved the ROM extracted earlier, then click OK.Flash Xiaomi
  6. Select an option Clean All at the bottom of Mi Flash. Then, click Flash to start the flashing process.
  7. If it appears status: "Flash Done", It signals the flashing process is complete and successful on the run.
  8. Disconnect the device from the USB cable. Now, turn on the device by pressing the power button.
  9. Wait for Android start up to set the language and region, and get to homescreen.
  10. Done!

Next, list the new Mi Cloud account on your device. In order not to forget, try to record the password.

NOTE !! : Untuk Bypass Mi Cloud perangkat Xiaomi keluaran terbaru yang langsung menggunakan MIUI 9/10 dan tidak support MIUI dibawahnya, masih sangat sulit dilakukan.

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Nah, demikianlah 2 cara mengatasi lupa password Mi Cloud. Anda bisa mencoba cara-cara diatas untuk mengembalikan akun Anda. Good luck, good luck.

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